**myViewBoard September Production Release Build:

* myViewBoard v1.20.5 Release Note:

(Reminder: QuickBoard is now myViewBoard)

-New Features-

Added indication UI for students so that we know which group they are in

Added Dutch to the language setting

Added lasso grouping features

Added ability to export huddle groups onto PDF


Enhanced the synchronization on guests' side

Enhanced the undo/redo when rotating objects

Enhanced the shape function

Improved the export and import for iwb files 

Improved Eraser to function only within different modes

Fixed the issue when tool bar is on the right, user can't drag objects on to the canvas

Enhanced YouTube when adding it on to the page

Enhanced the erase function when erasing objects

Activities are disabled under Magic Box

Classroom Binding are disabled under Magic Box


* MVB.com v Release Note:


-change onboarding form validate criteria

-remove zoom integration

-link to host a myviewboard and join a myviewboard

-entity subscription for myViewBoard Clips limit amount and period


*MVBA v1.7.4 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 13406: Change the color of the stroke line of AI pen object, it will fill the color of the object

[Fixed] BUG 13458: MVBA becomes no response when you execute QR code sharing

*MVBA v1.7.3 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Set front document camera preview image to horizontal flip

[Improvement] UI_UX 13188: The background in exported file is incorrect.

[Improvement] UI_UX 13365: Please remove palm eraser support in open version

[Improvement] UI_UX 13366: Please add "Multi Touch" function in open version

[Improvement] UI_UX 13374: Please remove enable/disable palm eraser setting from setup page of IFP2410 model

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 13192: Object ─ the locked object will not be recovered after clicking initialize function in infinite canvas preview window

[Fixed] BUG 13355: Sometimes, MVBA may crash after login

[Fixed] BUG 13377: [Companion app] The cast function status in companion app will be turned off automatically after several seconds later

[Fixed] BUG 13399: myViewBoard Android One Drive

[Fixed] Fixed One Drive Business UI did not display in Production version.

[Fixed] Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState

[Fixed] Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.viewsonic.droid.Ae$b.f(boolean)' on a null object reference

*MVBA v1.7.2 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] [Cast] Finish all communication functions between myViewboard and Companion app, e.g. 1) Detect the CastViewFragment starts casting. 2) Maximize/Normalize CastViewFragment.

[Improvement] UserStory 13319: Please support to import iwb file form Throw and Cloud drive

[Improvement] UI_UX 12723: The UI is need to be enhanced.

[Improvement] UI_UX 13182: Import a image and set it as background, it should only apply to current page.

[Improvement] UI_UX 13287: If you click the MVBA icon in side tool bar, the content in current canvas will disappear.

[Improvement] UI_UX 13315: Please add iwb file filter icon in magic box

[Improvement] UI_UX 13316: Please define the min size of document camera window

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 13289: Corner line ─ after saving file and reopening this file, using eraser to delete the corner line will be abnormal

[Fixed] BUG 13321: Adjust the document camera resolution, but there is nothing changed.

[Fixed] Fix write accelerator did not unlock correctly in 50 and 50-2 series.

[Fixed] Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 3915012 byte allocation with 5724 free bytes and 5KB until OOM

*MVBA v1.7.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Let Google account user still can change the email.

[Improve] UI_UX 12918: Clicking Meeting icon again doesn't close casting menu.

[Improve] UI_UX 12934: When you enable screen recorder, the document camera window will be enlarged.

[Improve] UI_UX 13185: When you execute capture full screen, you will see the menu of capture function

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] Bug 13292: Smart pen ─ when the chosen tool is infinite canvas function, the eraser function of pen tail cannot work

*MVBA v1.7.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement] Support import IWB file.

[Improvement] Smart Pen support change color settings.

[Improvement] Report a host sign in/out status to the back end server after the MQTT connection has recovered

--Bugs Fixed--



*MVB4W v2.23.4.4 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13535]: Fixed "It will cause crash when selecting graphics and connectors/line then adjust the contrast."

[Bug]: Fixed "AI-Pen image search drag and drop on canvas issue."

*MVB4W v2.23.4.3 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13519]: Fixed "Select the sticky note will crash issue"

*MVB4W v2.23.4.2 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: Update the Visual C++ version to latest version, this modification will relative to the installer and browser.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13469]: Fixed "Object ─ after using hand drawn shape function to draw an ellipse, and clicking the function "pie or arc", the ellipse will disappear"

[Bug 13451]: Fixed "Object ─ after copying/cutting and pasting ellipse, it will be a point"

[Bug 13437]: Fixed "[Installer] The program is not installed when the silent installer is deployed on a fresh system."

[Bug 13359]: Fixed "Pen - The iwb type AI Pen object "adjustment of transparency of filled in color" behavior was wrong."

*MVB4W v2.23.4.1 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug]: Fixed "Box FollowMeAI download Shape pen and Magic pen will fail."

*MVB4W v2.23.4.0 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: Add two new visual aid color filters (inverted color and grayscale inverted)

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13449]: Fixed "Calendar ─ the delete guest icon cannot be seen"

[Bug 13448]: Fixed "Calendar ─ clicking create button or open event editor will make MVB4W crash in education or sport theme"

[Bug 13444]: Fixed "Table ─ give the table including inserted object replicate function, and then select the inserted object to replicate, it may make MVB4W crash"

[Bug 13440]: Fixed "File management - The .notebook type file export to .pdf type file, the pdf file content will disappear."

[Bug 13437]: Fixed "Object ─ The arc (drawn by compasses or protractor, and import from shape style window) cannot be removed by eraser after it is created"

[Bug]: Fixed "It does not exit the screen saver, after user flips a page or opens up the cast in screen remotely"

[Bug]: Fixed "The touch keyboard does not pop up normally in Windows 1903"

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW variable crash issue.

*MVB4W v2.23.3.0 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature][Alpha]: Support applying FollowMe AI default pen settings

[Feature][Alpha]: Implement Genie Effect when minimizing/restoring embedded browser window

[Improvement]: Update google calendar behavior.

[Improvement]: Update iwb export support more Path object.

[Improvement]: Select stroke inside table.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13436]: Fixed "Calendar ─ if use activity editor on the second monitor, the position of editor will be abnormal"

[Bug 13428]: Fixed "Table ─ after rotating the table including inserted object and inserting another object, the second object will be out of cell"

[Bug 13427]: Fixed "Hand drawn shape ─ the unclosed shape cannot display in infinite canvas preview window"

[Bug 13426]: Fixed "Hand drawn shape ─ copying the unclosed hand drawn shape will make MVB4W crash"

[Bug 13415]: Fixed "Pen - The fine touch pen cannot identification and the palm eraser function cannot work. (IFP 50-3 series)"

[Bug 13404]: Fixed "File management - The .notebook type file export to iwb type file, some of the objects will disappear."

[Bug 13403]: Fixed "Ellipse ─ if the ellipse has been inserted into table, after using show segments function, the position of pies will be changed"

[Bug 13367]: Fixed "Object ─ the unclosed hand drawn shape cannot be filled in color, but the fill in color icon still appears on the adorner"

[Bug 13363]: Fixed "Table ─ after deleting the row or column including sticky notes and using undo to recover, MVB4W will crash"

[Bug 13361]: Fixed "Table ─ after removing the inserted object, table will not be recovered"

[Bug 13346]: Fixed "Calendar ─ the description of activity may make the displaying be abnormal, suggest to add scrollbar to adjust UI"

[Bug]: Fixed "The table cell adorner will be cut off on 4K displays"

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW may crash on Text scaling.

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW may crash on Import PDF file.

*MVB4W v2.23.2.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature][Alpha]: Implement 4 color filters (Grayscale, Deuteranopia, Protanopia and Tritanopia) in Settings menu for color blind users

[Improvement]: improve Notebook import feature.

[Improvement]: improve IWB export feature.

[Improvement]: MVBW memory usage improve.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13351]: "Mind mapping connector ─ after deleting row or column including the connected objects, the connector can still exist on canvas"

[Bug 13349]: "Object ─ the combine function cannot work when the shapes are attached by connector "

[BUG 13343]: Calendar ─ enable the all day option but don't finish editing, the time in schedule will be different from the editor

[BUG 13342]: Calendar ─ the changed title can still be applied even if users don't click the finish editting button

[BUG 13341]: Calendar ─ the activity editor may not be finished editing after disabling and enabling all day option

[BUG 13336]: Calendar ─ if click again create activity button when editor is opening, the original editor will be closed, and it may not be opened again

[BUG 13335]: Calendar ─ if use activity editor on the second monitor, the position of editor will be abnormal

[BUG 13345]: Calendar ─ when change the weekly view, suggest to add a highlighted sign for whole week to remind users

[BUG 13333]: Calendar ─ some icons in activity editor cannot be seen with Business or PublicSector theme, please improve it

[BUG 13329]: Calendar ─ after clicking quickly on some day, the activity will be replicated to display

[BUG 13307]: Calendar ─ opening calendar may make MVB4W crash

[Bug]: Fixed "After replicating an ellipse and segmenting it, it will be moved back to its original place"

[Bug]: Fixed "Ink penetrates through MathInputControl and MathInputPanel on CVTE panels"

[Bug]: Fixed text editor may crash issues.

[Bug]: Fixed polygon may crash issues.

[Bug]: Fixed table resize issues.

*MVB4W v2.23.1.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature]: EventDetailDialog: Arrange display items according to calendar event dynamically

[Feature]: Integrate the attendee using google contacts api and display with search bar in EventDetailDialogEdit dialog

[Feature]: Add editable comboboxes as the time selection tool in EventDetailDialogEdit dialog

[Modification]: Add Google Analytics events on YouTube video search and Bing Image search

[Improvement]: IWB import and export AI-pen object capability with MVBA.

[Improvement]: Table can add or delete column or row.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 13269]: Hand drawn shape ─ the fade out animation function cannott work on the more than 6sides shapes

[Bug 13268]: Hand drawn shape ─ the more than 6sides hand drawn shape cannot appear in infinite canvas preview window

[Bug 13265]: Hand drawn shape ─ the more than 6sides hand drawn shape cannot be filled in color

[Bug 13261]: Hand draw shape ─ the mirror function cannot work on the irregular and more than 6sides shape

[Bug 13259]: Hand drawn shape ─ if want to draw a more than 6 sides shape, need to draw a less than 7 sides shape

[Bug 13256]: Hand drawn shape ─ if copy/cut/replicate & paste the irregularly hand-drawn shape (more than 6 sides), MVB4W will crash

[Bug 13189]: Object ─ import an object and replicate it, after clicking undo icon, the copied object will also show the replicate icon

[Bug]: Fixed a minor UI bug of Magic Box

[Bug]: Fixed screen recorder may crash issue.

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW may crash issue.

*MVB4W v2.23.0.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature][Alpha]: Support FollowMe AI font settings

[Feature][Alpha]: Support Bing Image search functionality which is in Magic Box menu

[Feature][Alpha]: Support assigning gradient colors background in background color menu

[Modification]: Update the screen recorder dependency

[Improvement][Alpha]: Rework hand drawn shape recgonition

[Improvement]: Report a host sign in/out status to the back end server after the MQTT connection has recovered

[Improvement]: Beautify the search text box for file, image and YouTube video search

--Bugs fixed--

[Bug 13178]: Fixed Ellipse ─ the pies will display abnormally if users adjust their angle, undo, and click the icon of adjusting angle again.

[Bug 13123]: Fixed "File management - After export to iwb type file, some of the objects will disappear."

[Bug 13094]: Fixed "MVB4W - Under text recognition mode, the first line will disappear if you reuse the widget ruler to draw another line."

[Bug 12846]: Fixed "after user resizes widgets, the animation of some of widgets may stop running"

[Bug]: iwb linear and radial brush import issue.

[Bug]: Fixed Re-size the selection objects will abnormal.

[Bug]: Fixed save compass may cause vboard file format issue.


*Companion Android/iOS v2.1.0

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] Add Photo and Camera Usage Description for German (iOS only).

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Long press error on text input fields of Deutsch iOS

*Companion Android/iOS v2.0.4

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Language support for German

[Improve] Show circular progress indicator for User Profile/Settings screen

[Improve] Add animation of color palette

[Improve] description of photo library usage for iOS

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] BUG 13372 IOS_FollowMe AI -Press Tiles theme button will jump to FollowMe AI function at the first time.

[Fix] Album list may disappear after scrolling

*Companion Android/iOS v2.0.3

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Throw image and video shared by other apps for iOS

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] iOS keyboard lags

*Companion Android/iOS v2.0.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Throw image and video shared by other apps (Android only).

[Feature] Show ToolTips when app is first launched.

[Improve] Improve UI of settings screen.

--Bugs fixed--


*Companion Android/iOS v2.0.102 iOS only

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Improve description of photo library usage for iOS (to avoid app store rejection)

--Bugs fixed--


*Companion Android/iOS v2.0.101 iOS only

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] iOS keyboard lags


*Screen Recorder v1.1.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] Extend the monitoring cycle on recorded video size.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 13286: If the size of temp file is bigger than free space, the save process will be fail and the temp file will not be kept

[Fixed] BUG 13318: The recording process will stop randomly in IFP2410

*Screen Recorder v1.1.0

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] UI_UX 13278: Suggest to adjust the default position of screen recorder app. It will overlap setting icon.

--Bugs fixed--