**MVB December Production Release Build:

* myViewBoard v1.25.8 Release Note:

(Reminder: QuickBoard is now myViewBoard)

-New Features-

Added copy and pasting function

Added lock function 

Added distribution function for objects like Google Drive files, video and images


Changed the UX for session code on the first page -  User will now need to click on the top right tool bar to see the session code

Rearrange the roaming function for the tool bar

Enhanced the mini map tool

Improved the speed when inking

Will always show the current page in the middle when you have more than 3 pages

* MVB.com Release Note:

myviewboard.com prod release content


Cloud service binding management on entity users #13380

[FollowME AI] Entity Account restricted to gsuite email account #14182

[UI] editor account UI improvement #14492

[Translation] Chinese TW option #14518

[Entity onBoarding] Support public domain account #14363

[Entity management] Sub domain can be added without verification #14371

*MVBA v1.10.7 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] Fix crash after login then opening the MenuFileFragment

[Fixed] Fix after login, then change theme, the cast icon will appear on non-support device

*MVBA v1.10.6 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] Bug 14600: You can see cast function icon in 50-1 platform

*MVBA v1.10.5 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] Bug 14585: Open iwb file and then login MVBA, the cloud integration can't show.

[Fixed] Bug 14590: You can use companion app to enable cast in function in 50-1.

[Fixed] Fix VSD2410 can not use cast menu.

*MVBA v1.10.4 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 12301: Can't see folder/file correctly if folder name with “_”

[Fixed] BUG 14359: YouTube widget- Clicking on the folder from magic box or background menu, or trying to change the background will make YouTube widget disappear

[Fixed] BUG 14429: When you want to save the new iwb file, the youtube widget will be closed.

[Fixed] BUG 14507: Cloud Drive - the enable/disable cloud drive icon can only display normally when theme is education

[Fixed] BUG 14511: MVBA - When pull out touch cable, MVBA will auto log out.

[Fixed] Bug 14531: If you disable the default binding cloud drive, the QR code sharing function should be disabled.

[Fixed] BUG 14532: If you select USB to import file and then you can't see the files in local storage again.

[Fixed] SPECIAL CASE 14489: After plug out Touch USB from VBS100, MVBA will relaunch

[Fixed] VBS100 can not use touch to draw.

[Fixed] The title color of YoutubeFragment should adapt the theme

[Fixed] Check the WebView version for casting support.

[Fixed] Browser icon isn't set selected if it's opened.

*MVBA v1.10.3 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Modify Education theme background color and pen color.

[Modification] Update Smart Pen title text SmartPen1 -> Smart Pen 1.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 14016: Import PDF- if import pdf on a current blank page, it should not be imported from next page.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14167: Import iwb- if import iwb on a blank page, it should not start to be imported from next page

[Fixed] UI_UX 14245: Suggest to remember the current file path after you import pdf/iwb file

[Fixed] UI_UX 14299: Transparency- The transparency icon disappears from the adorner of stroke lines, lines and arrows

[Fixed] UI_UX 14328: Document Camera- The Document Camera icon cannot display in magic box IFP6530

[Fixed] UI_UX 14307: Keyboard- some keys on screen keyboard cannot work when try to type texts in the Embedded browser search bar

[Fixed] UI_UX 14388: Change status form delete the current selected handwriting to Delete the handwriting manually, the both function icons will be selected.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14399: The display mode shouldn't change after changing the theme.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14404: Create the link before the the hyperlink address or text is setup, the hyperlink should not be created.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14405: There is no error message if the setup page of hyperlink function is deleted.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14416: For AI pen/Audio/Video objects, the link function doesn't support.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14423: After you group two objects, the hyperlink function should show in adorner

[Fixed] UI_UX 14448: YouTube\Image Search-The two corners at the bottom are beyond Div

[Fixed] UI_UX 14449: The order of UI function icons in magic box should be enhanced

[Fixed] UI_UX 14453: Embedded browser-Embedded browser should be closed after logout MVBA

[Fixed] BUG 12551: [Cloud Drive] OneDrive or Google Drive icon may disappear from MVBA if it is disabled from MVB4W

[Fixed] BUG 13198: Magic Line pen ─ sometimes, the images of magic line pen will be copied after login MVBA

[Fixed] BUG 14401: The YouTube widget should be deleted after you logout MVBA

[Fixed] BUG 14415: If you new a object and assign it new link setting, the link settings of the other objects will be changed.

[Fixed] BUG 14329: Smart pen-Use the turn page button to jump pages

[Fixed] BUG 14427: 50-3 Touch issue - use touch to draw on canvas, it will be palm eraser.

[Fixed] BUG 14438: Shape\Magic line pen-The image cannot be loaded or loaded incompletely, when the default drive is Google Drive\Dropbox\Box

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bitmap size exceeds 32 bits

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'void com.viewsonic.droid.ia$c.a(boolean)' on a null object reference

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Failed to allocate a 1355652 byte allocation with 733288 free bytes and 716KB until OOM

*MVBA v1.10.2 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] Settings menu add "Mode After start" feature (Preparation and Presentation).

[Improve] Title Bar add "Help" button.

[Improve] Adorner add "Hyperlink" functions.

[Improve] Save YoutubeFragment when saving/opening the iwb file

[Modification] User has to sign in before using YouTube search and Bing image search.

[Modification] Refactor the ways of getting cloud drive valid token.

[Modification] Refactor MagicLinePen and ShapePen download process to prevent refresh too many times.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 14167: Import iwb- if import iwb on a blank page, it should not start to be imported from next page

[Fixed] UI_UX 14319: Smart pen - (Smart pen 2 - red color)The selected color will not be highlighted when the color menu is opened the first time

[Fixed] UI_UX 14366: The youtube widget position will change after you change the page.

[Fixed] BUG 14052: Magic Box- cannot change to other functions in magic box in the beginning after login on 7550-1\6550-2\7550-2

[Fixed] BUG 14298: Dotted line object - The dotted line will become a straight line when used with a thin pen to draw

[Fixed] Fixed the position isn't saved if the YoutubeFragment is only moved by dragging its title.

[Fixed] Fixed "Shape Pen" did not apply Follow Me AI settings.

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 19, Size: 8

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Current page not closed

*MVBA v1.10.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve][Alpha] Support Box cloud drive.

[Improve] Fragments saving on pages now works for theme switch.

[Improve] Settings: Add auto startup feature.

[Modification] Modified menu's startup position.

[Modification] Set MQTT "Retained" to false.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 13387: Smart pen - Press page up/down key when the color menu is displaying, it will be triggered to select different items in the menu.

[Fixed] UI_UX 13397: Smart pen - When the menu is displaying, press page up/down button twice will change the page

[Fixed] UI_UX 14120: The adorner menu of shape object will be cut off

[Fixed] UI_UX 14121: Suggestion - if the shapes are not filled in any color, suggest to hide the icon of transparency adjustment from adorner

[Fixed] UI_UX 14137: The menu of alpha setting will not close

[Fixed] UI_UX 14162: Activate-MVBA is closed after network back online

[Fixed] UI_UX 14169: Object - After adjusting the thickness, click the bar again, the thickness of the object will be restored

[Fixed] BUG 13396: Smart pen - You need to press page up/down button function twice to change the page if some object is selected.

[Fixed] BUG 14123: If there is "blank space" in the file name, it will be replaced to "+"

[Fixed] BUG 14138: You should not allow to save the video clip onto myViewBoard from the context menu of the embedded browser in 50-1 model

[Fixed] BUG 14168: Adorner - if adjust the thickness bar of lines, arrows or shapes to the thinnest, the value thickness bar is not the lowest after selecting the object again

[Fixed] BUG 14178: Activate-After reactivate, QR-code activate cannot work

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState

*MVBA v1.10.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] Add title for YoutubeFragment

--Bugs Fixed--

[Fixed] UserStory 14053: MVBA - error: memory error and would not open the file

[Fixed] UI_UX 14016: Import PDF- if import pdf on a current blank page, it should not be imported from next page.

[Fixed] UI_UX 14117: The QR code menu doesn't close after you logout account

[Fixed] Fixed when network back online, the "Create" command will show "Resend" message.

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: CameraDevice was already closed.

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Surface had no valid native Surface.

*MVB4W v2.26.4.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug]: Drag and drop original content background and save to vBoard file will crash.

*MVB4W v2.26.4.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug]: Fixed sticky note with group and hyperlink may crash issue.

[Bug]: Fixed lasso tool can select the sticky note.

*MVB4W v2.26.3.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 14558]: Fixed "After undo sticky note or text ,it appear a weird shape."

[Bug 14553]: Fixed "When lines and arrows are on canvas ,undo/redo function is weird."

[Bug 14545]: Fixed "Lines and arrows cannot use hyperlink, lock and replicate function on adorner"

[Bug 14543]: Fixed "After mirror the video ,it can't be selected."

[Bug 14540]: Fixed "Casting module - Even if MVB4W is activated by Entity, the casting module icon cannot still appear."

[Bug 14539]: Fixed "Video - After fade out the video ,it can't be chosen but it can play."

[Bug 14530]: Fixed "Mind mapping connector - the creating mind mapping cannot be saved in undo/redo steps"

[Bug 14509]: Fixed "Use regional to clear canvas will keep some point on canvas."

[Bug 14484]: Fixed "Fade animation-After selecting some objects to cancel fading animation ,the icon of fade animation on adorner are still highlighted"

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW may crash issue.

*MVB4W v2.26.2.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification]: Save Pop Quiz answers without compressing them into a zip file

[Improvement]: User can access myViewBoard Clips from Magic Box

[Improvement]: prevent menu flickering at the first time (background management, embedded browser, eraser and infinite canvas menus)

[Improvement]: document camera button will visible/disappear with the camera device is attach/detach on Windows.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 14488]: Fixed "Shapes - When playing the attachment music, others mirror side shapes will also auto playing."

[Bug 14480]: Fixed "Stroke line - after resizing and copying the stroke lines of magic line pen, the size of copied ones is different from the original ones"

[Bug 14447]: Fixed "Import box - The image object display "Immersive Reader" function icon. Active vBoard adorner"

[Bug 14444]: Fixed "Object - importing the .iwb file including quadrant shape will make MVB4W crash"

[Bug 14442]: Fixed "FollowMe AI - The font color settings from FollowMe AI will make the font color be the same as the background color of texts after login MVB4W"

[Bug 14432]: Fixed "Color Remove - Click X icon after using color remove ,the color of whole picture will be removed"

[Bug 14422]: Fixed "Pen - The pen lines "include music hyperlink" after save and reopen, the "include music hyperlink" cannot playing sound."

[Bug 14418]: Fixed "Object - the grouped object can keep the hyperlink from the original object"

[Bug 14408]: Fixed "Side adorner - When use "color remove of image object" function then press "x" button, the image object will disappear."

[Bug 14400]: Fixed "Table - the table will not be able to be selected and done after inserting sticky note and trying to replicate it"

[Bug 14398]: Fixed "Adorner - The icon of immersive reader will appear on the adorner of each object after login MVB4W"

[Bug 14344]: Fixed "Side adorner - The music attachment cannot save into vboard file success."

[Bug 14037]: Fixed "MVBW - myViewBoard YouTube search not working, crashes applicationmyViewBoard YouTube search not working, crashes application"

[Bug 13881]: Fixed "Shapes - In some cases, cannot click to select the shapes"

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW may crash issue.

*MVB4W v2.26.1.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 14394]: Fixed "Stroke lines - the inks cannot be selected"

*MVB4W v2.26.1.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature][Alpha]: add the transparency feature in the dice3d tool.

[Feature][Alpha]: add the transparency feature in the CoordinateSystem tool

[Feature][Alpha]: add support the entity user can be locked sign-in feature by administrator.

[Modification]: User has to sign in before using YouTube search, Bing image search and Immersive Reader.

[Modification]: User is able to save the current Pop Quiz session on a local or cloud drive. The session will be compressed into a Zip file.

[Modification]: Resizing buttons are hidden at presentation mode.

[Modification]: Progress window will closed if the operation is failed.

[Modification]: CoordinateSystem tool support brush color change and display coordinate.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 14350]: Fixed "Object - Import Sticky note and any kind of object on canvas, changing the layer of object may make MVB4W crash"

[Bug 14348]: Fixed "File management - The objects include music hyperlink export to iwb type file will pop error message."

[Bug 14344]: Fixed "Side adorner - The music attachment cannot save into vboard file success."

[Bug 14341]: Fixed "Touch - on IFP70, cannot use long press to open pen style window"

[Bug 14320]: Fixed "Tools - Zoom the course angle meter tool to the maximum, MVB4W background will become transparent."

[Bug 14295]: Fixed "Shape - Sometimes the "objects in the table" side adorner will not display."

[Bug 14284]: Fixed "Type word on quiz card ,the word will become hotkey."

[Bug 14250]: Fixed "When switch to presentation mode ,can't see the hyper link icon."

[Bug 14246]: Fixed "Fill in color tool - the ink of highlighter and laser pen can be changed color by fill in color tool"

[Bug 14204]: Fixed "Import box - The "processing canvases" window cannot disappear."

[Bug 14141]: Fixed "Background - after login MVB4W, the default background images from Cloud Drive in FollowMe AI may overlap if users set another background image in MVB4W"

[Bug 13859]: Fixed "Compasses-Use a compasses to draw lines on the coordinate system,can produce irregular patterns"

[Bug 13858]: Fixed "Protractor-Use a protractor to draw lines on the coordinate system , some lines will be abnormal"

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW crash issues.

*MVB4W v2.26.0.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature][Alpha]: Support multi-language in embedded browser if the website is support.

[Feature][Alpha]: Add the course angle meter tool. ( Aka KoershoekMeter )

[Feature][Alpha]: audio link will save into vboard file as default.

[Feature][Alpha]: Hide the adorner in the old page when changing pages.

[Feature][Alpha]: Ctrl + drag to replicate.

[Feature][Alpha]: New hotkey binding.

[Feature][Alpha]: Active pen support the color choose menu.

[Modification] Redesign the UI of page management menu to look more like PowerPoint style

[Modification]: Most MQTT messages will not be sent with the "retain" flag

[Improvement]: Correct some grammar errors and typos in English

[Improvement]: Update myViewBoard digital content drag and drop query logical.

--Bugs fixed--

[Bug 14177]: Fixed "Shape - The "show segments" function cannot work."

[Bug 14165]: Fixed "Ellipse - import two ellipses, make one be a pie/arc then make it be an ellipse; it will be abnormal, after combining two ellipse"

[Bug 14161]: Fixed "Shape - If adjust thickness of the table, the shapes in the table will out of the table."

[Bug 14160]: Fixed "Shape - The "Shape recognize" "show measurements" function was enable status, but didn't display measurements on the shapes."

[Bug 14134]: Fixed "Shape - The round or oval shape use mirror function then use "pie or arc" function, the object location will move."

[Bug 14118]: Fixed "Fade in and fade out-Bar shows a problem"

[Bug 14107]: Fixed "Animation - if the objects with animation function are grouped, the animation function should not be kept on the grouped object."

[Bug 14105]: Fixed "Hand Drawn Polygon - after finishing creating a hand-drawn polygon, the icon of show measurements is still highlighted on adorner."

[Bug 14079]: Fixed "Adorner-select move up/down a layer ,it will move to top/bottom layer."

[Bug 14033]: Fixed "AI Pen - Sometimes the AI pen object cannot enable the "copy and move a select object" function at the first time."

[Bug 13979]: Fixed "AI object-After copy or replicated ,the object be displayed abnormally."

[Bug 13877]: Fixed "Touch Pen - Use active pen and two finger writing lines on the canvas, sometimes the active pen line will display finger lines and cannot resume."

[Bug 13865]: Fixed "Export a file to PDF or PPTX, which has some 3D shapes in second page,the 3D shapes will be displayed abnormally."

[Bug]: Fixed whe load the vboard file ,tool order is incorrect.

[Bug]: Fixed some crash issue of myViewBoard for Windows.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.4.2    

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Implement] USER STORY 14240 Page Combination for ViewBoard control and URL

[Implement] USER STORY 14364 Texts in PopQuiz (and Throw) position limitation

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] BUG 14379 Companion APP is in logout status after edit account on myviewboard.com, but MVB4W is login

[Fix] BUG 14255 No feedback when WiFi is unavailable (Part 2)

(Fix Entity Register Screen and Stream Binding Screen)

*Companion Android/iOS v2.4.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improve] USER STORY 14304 Entity Administration name change

[Improve] typing texts in PopQuiz window:

    1. Add delete gesture

    2. Finish typing when keyboard is closed

    3. Fix layout after keyboard is shown

    4. Select object with transformed boundary

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] BUG 14255 No feedback when WiFi is unavailable

[Fix] BUG 14311 Throw - In throw function edit image text, if input long words will cut some of the words.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.4.0

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] USER STORY 13986 Support typing texts in PopQuiz window (first draft)

Set the retain flag to false for publishing MQTT message

--Bugs fixed--


*Screen Recorder v1.3.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Update the App icon

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 14452: Screen Recorder - Please enhance the warning message.

[Fixed] BUG 14467: [6530] Can't start the recording process.

*Screen Recorder v1.3.1    

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] Bug 13273: Screen Recorder - [50-3] When you execute screen recorder, it will show "Cannot record screen for now"