Multi-touch technology allows a touchscreen to sense input from two – or more – points of contact at the same time. This allows you to use multiple finger gestures to do things like pinch the screen to zoom in, or spread the screen to zoom out.
Usually the maximum number of touch points depends on different OS platform and software.

• OS platform


1. Under windows, it is 20 points touch and 10 points writing.


2. Under Android, it is 10 points touch and 10 points writing.


3. Under MAC, if it is verion10, it is 1 points touch without firmware needed.


4. 20 points touch is how many IR points of touch can be detective on the surface.


• Software limitation

1. Not all software can allow 10 points because it might be reserved for other features of that software.


2. Please test with “Paint” which is very simple software to test multi-touch capability.