For monitors with [1] and [2] buttons on the front panel:

  1. Press the button [1] on the front of the monitor.
  2. Press [2] to select and use the arrow buttons on the front control panel of your monitor to scroll through the options. Some controls on the Main Menu, such as Contrast/Brightness, may be listed in pairs
  3. Press the arrow buttons to toggle and press [2] button to select.
  4. To save the control setting and Exit the menu, press button [1] twice.


Brightness adjusts the background black level of the screen image. As a shortcut, you can also press one of the arrows to display the Contrast/Brightness control screen.

Note: If your monitor supports an sRGB feature, enabling that feature will disable the Contrast and Brightness.



For monitors with buttons behind the display: 

  1. Press the second button from the top to access the menu. This will bring up On Screen Display Menu.
  2. Use the arrows on the On-Screen Display and navigate through the menu to “Color Adjust”.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Contrast/Brightness’ and select ‘Brightness’ to adjust.
  4. To exit scroll down to the ‘back arrow’ icon and scroll to the ‘X’ icon to exit.


Note: You can also use the hot key menu by pressing the 1st button from the top. The 4th button from the top will change the hot key menu. To choose the icon for brightness.

For monitors with joystick behind the display:

  1. Press down on the joystick behind the display to get to the menu.
  2. Use the joystick to navigate to ‘Display’ and select ‘Image adjust’. To select, simply press down on the joystick.
  3. Select ‘brightness’ and adjust.