Here are some basic steps for trouble shooting the EP5012. 

For more detailed instructions you can contact our support group but you can try these steps ahead of time as they are common points to check on these devices. 

Some of these steps require access to the back of the unit and that you open the back panel with a key.

  1. Checking the power cable

           The “AC IN” port is located inside of the unit near the bottom. Make sure that the power cable is connected securely into the “AC IN” port.


      2.  Check the power switch

           Once the power cable is securely connected, make sure the “AC SWITCH” is also switched on. The (I) symbol means ON and the (O) symbol means off.


      3.   Check signal input cable

            Make sure that there is a signal or data cable connected to the unit. 

            These connections are located near the same area where the power cable is located. 

            If content is loaded with a USB drive these may not need to be connected, but if content is loaded via network, pc or media player one of these connections may be required.


      4.  Check remote control

           Check the batteries inside the remote to make sure they are inserted correctly and working. 

           You can check to see that the batteries are working by using a digital camera or smartphone camera, point it at the remote sensor and press one of the buttons on the remote. 

           The sensor will flash purple rapidly. 

           If this doesn’t happen then the batteries will need to be replaced or there may be a problem with the remote.