Please check below items:

  1. Is the LED Power indicator on? If so, what color is the LED, check the product user guide to get information on what the color of the LED means.
  2.  Make sure the input cable is securely connected to the display ( input  source such as VGA, HDMI, DP), disconnect and reconnect this cable on both ends. If possible, try another cable.
  3. Connect the projector using a different signal input. Using a different input will help determine if the issue is isolated to a certain video port or input.
  4. You only have a blank screen, press “Auto Sync” on remote control to cycle through the different inputs.
  5. Also try pressing “Menu” on the projector to access the On Screen Menu, you can change input from here.
  6. To access the OSD and  scroll to Advanced settings to factory reset the projector.
  7. Disconnect and securely reconnect the Power Cable.
  8. Try using another Power Cable and also a different power outlet. Most Computers use a similar power cable.
  9. If using a remote control, make sure the battery is properly installed.