Hardware requirements:

3D ready projector
3D Blu-Ray player
3D content
Active 3D glasses 144Hz
High speed HDMI cables

1. The 3D settings on Viewsonic projector are normally set to be on by default. If you need to make changes to the settings open the Menu options and locate the 3D settings. Check the user manual for each specific model for more information regarding these settings.

2. Connect the Blu-Ray player to the projector using an HDMI cable.

3. Insert 3D content into Blue-Ray player, turn projector on, set source to HDMI and play.

4. Make sure that 3D glasses have been charged and turn them on by pressing the button on the glasses.

Note: If a receiver is being using in the setup, it must also support 3D pass through or the 3D image will not be transferred correctly.