If you are having trouble with a computer monitor that has no display on the screen, please follow the steps below.



1. Check the Monitor for Power

  1. Make sure the monitor’s power cable is properly seated in the port and that the monitor is powered on. By default an LED indicator will light up when the monitor is powered on.
  • The power LED indicator will be blue or white when you have an active signal from the source.
  • The power LED indicator will be amber when there is no active signal. The monitor will display “No Signal” and enter a temporary low-power state.


  1. If the power LED indicator is turned off, you may re-enable it within the monitor’s settings after gaining a signal from the source.


  1. When the computer is asleep, the monitor will show an amber LED indicator. Simply, move your mouse or tap the keyboard's spacebar to wake the devices.


2. Check the Video Cables

  1. Make sure the video cables are properly seated on the monitor and on the source. If using DisplayPort, make sure you are connected to DisplayPort IN.


  1. Test different cables.


  1. Test different inputs. EX: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C, VGA, DVI



  • For testing purposes, we strongly advise connecting the video cables directly without the use of adapters, converters, or docking stations as these devices can also affect the video signal.




3. Check the Monitor’s Input

Depending on the monitor’s model, the auto-detect feature will be enabled by default. If it is not auto selecting the input, please follow.


  1. If your monitor has numbered buttons, press 2 to quickly change to the active inputs.


  1. If your monitor has a joystick or unmarked buttons, press the joystick or one of the buttons to activate the quick menu. Tap on the button corresponding to Input Select.


NOTE: The OSD menu will be disabled while the monitor is in a low-power state.
 (Power LED: Amber)




  1. You can also pull up the Main Menu and navigate to Input Select.



4. Check the Monitor’s Settings

  1. Activate the Main Menu and navigate to Color Adjust.


  1. Verify the brightness and contrast are turned up or adjust the values.