Image persistence (or image retention) is a result of a stationary image being displayed for a long period of time. 

Unlike CRT monitors, image persistence or "Burn-In" is not permanent on LCD monitors. 

To recover from "burn-In" on an LCD, leave the panel OFF for an extended time.

To prevent image persistence, we recommend the use of a screen saver when the monitor is not in use.

Image persistence on LCD screens can be corrected in most cases and is easily prevented. 

Prevention of image persistence can be done through some of the following methods:

1. Set the screen to turn off after a few minutes of screen idle time under the display and screen preferences in the operating system. 

    Turning the monitor display off will prevent an image from being displayed on the screen for extended periods of time. 

    Setting it to do this when idle for fifteen to thirty minutes can make a huge difference. 

    These can be adjusted in the Mac Energy Saver settings or Windows Power Management.

2. Use a screen saver that either rotates, has moving graphic images or is blank. 

    This also prevents an image for being displayed in screen for too long.

3. Rotate any background images on the desktop. Background images are one of the most common causes for image persistence. 

    By switching backgrounds every day or few days, it should reduce the chance of persistence.

4. Turn off the monitor when the system is not in use. 

    This will prevent any problems where the screen saver or power function fails to turn off the screen and result in an image sitting on the screen for long times.