Verify adapter plugged into a wall outlet

Make sure the AC adapter is firmly and securely plugged into the wall outlet. 

Although it may sound obvious, the adapter can become loose without even knowing. 

If it's not plugged in all the way, it can make it seem like the adapter is not working, but it may just not be getting power from the wall outlet

When in doubt a good way to make sure it is plugged in properly is to disconnect and then reconnect the connection.

Check adapter indicator light

The AC adapters may have a power indicator light on the adapter brick. 

Check for this indicator light and if there is one, make sure it is light up with a green light. 

If you see a power indicator it is a good indication that the adapter is at least receiving power.

Check the wall outlet itself

Some wall outlets require a light switch to be in the on position for the outlet to be active. 

Many newer houses, apartments, and condos feature this type of wall outlet. 

If the light switch is on, verify the wall outlet is working in general. 

Use a volt meter to measure the power output and verify the outlet is functioning properly. 

Alternatively you can also try another wall outlet. Also, double check the circuit breaker and make sure nothing is tripped or turned off.

Check adapter brick connection

Most AC adapters come in two pieces. Make sure both of those pieces are connected firmly and securely. 

The two pieces connect at the rectangular box piece, often called the brick. You can verify the connections by disconnecting and reconnecting all cables.

Adapter plugged into monitor

Although it may seem obvious, the adapter can become disconnected from a monitor. 

The metal tip on the adapter cord needs to be firmly attached to the monitor for it to receive power from the adapter. 

Also, in either the metal tip on the adapter or the connection on the monitor, there is often a small metal pin. 

Make sure this pin is not bent or broken as that can cause a problem with the monitor receiving power from the adapter.


If you have determined the AC adapter is not working properly and needs to be replaced, you can get a replacement from our parts store or contact customer service for a replacement if the unit is still in warranty.