On some monitors, there is a Power Button Lock that locks the power in the ON position. 

There is also a menu lock feature which can lock and unlock the OSD. 

Power Lock: To lock the Power button press and hold both the [1] button and the down arrow button for 10 seconds. 

OSD Lock: To lock the OSD press and hold both the [1] button and the up arrow button for 10 seconds. 

Note: These same buttons, when pressed for another 10 seconds, will unlock the feature.

If you have front panel soft touch buttons they are labeled as seen in the image below (Figure 1).  


Figure 1 





To enable/disable lock of the OSD (on screen display):  


Figure 2 

In order to lock/unlock the power button:  


Figure 3 

If your OSD buttons are on the back of your panel they will be labeled the following:  


Figure 4 


To Lock/Unlock OSD menu: 


Figure 5 


To Lock/Unlock the Power Button:  




If your panel has a joy key like the image below you can follow these instructions:  


Figure 6 



To lock/unlock the OSD Menu:  



To Lock/Unlock the Power Button:  


Figure 7