How to install custom apps in the Android module for IFP50 series displays


The Android operating system is an open source platform that will allow you to install custom applications even when the Google Play store is not available. Follow the steps to begin installing custom applications.


Disclaimer: ViewSonic cannot guarantee the functionality or compatibility of third-party applications


1. Downloading the Application

  1. Download the application (.apk) file from a trusted source.
  2. The APK file can be downloaded directly to the board’s internal memory or you may import the file via USB drive from a different source device.

2. Granting Permissions 

You will need to grant “Unknown Sources” permissions prior to installing custom applications. The Unknown Sources option will remain enabled for future instances.

  1. With the IFP powered on, navigate to the settings menu. 
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI): Select Security.






  • IFP50-2 (New UI) and IFP50-3: System -> Security


  1. Enable Unknown Sources.
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI):


  • IFP50-2 (New UI) and IFP50-3:


3. Installing the Application

  1. Make sure the Android embedded player input is selected.
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI): Embd Player


  • IFP50-2 (New UI) and IFP50-3: Viewboard


  1. Open the Folders application located within your app drawer.
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI):





  • IFP50-2 (New UI) and IFP50-3:




  1. Navigate to the location of the APK file.
  • Internal Storage
  • USB Drive


  1. Double-tap the APK file to launch the installation.




  1. Tap Next or scroll down when the installation window appears.
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI):


  1. Tap Install.
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI):


  • IFP50-2 (New UI) and IFP50-3:


  1. When the installation has completed, press Done.
  • IFP50 and IFP50-2 (Old UI):


  • IFP50-2 (New UI) and IFP50-3:


  1. The application should now be installed and can be located in the app drawer.