When users first install their projector and project the image to the screen, there will be an image shift after the projector has been turned on for about 50 minutes after the initial power on.

Factors that Affect the Accuracy of Image Position

  • The thermal drift of the optical path including the material of lens, the housing tolerance and the thermal deformation to make the image will cause some image shift after the projector's initial power on.
  • The wall mount or ceiling mount structure is not strong enough which makes the projector have an unstable position.


How to have a Stable Projection Image

  1. When users want to align the screen and image, please make sure the projector is turned on for about 30~50 minutes to ensure all thermal statuses are stable.
  2. Adjust the Focus as needed for ideal image quality.
  3. Ensure the wall/ceiling mount structure is strong enough.
  4. Use Keystone or the 4-Corner function to adjust the image slightly if needed.

Below is an example of a poor mounting structure.