This is due to a hardware limitation. When you run over 5 apks in the background and use Browser/Chromium to play 1080p Youtube videos, RAM space could be less than 100MB (the probability of occurrence is 30%). 


When RAM space is less than 100MB, the system will start to clear unnecessary data or processes automatically to make sure RAM space is more than 100MB. This process will take around 5 minutes, during this time the system will lag. 


After the system is done with the procedure, IFP50-2 will return to the home page. At this point we suggest to refer to the below cleaning methods and select one method to clear unnecessary data or processes.


Note: Using Browser/Chromium to play 1080p YouTube videos uses almost half of IFP50-2's RAM space.



Cleaning methods:


1. Use the Side Tool Bar to clean all current processes. 



2. Use vSweeper to clear memory and unwanted files.



3. Power off the IFP, then power it back on to clear all unnecessary data and close any running