1. Launch the Chromium application on your IFP50 series display and navigate to www.youtube.com.


  1. Select a video to play. Once the video starts, tap on the video to show additional options.



  1. Tap the cogwheel icon on the top right corner to open Playback Settings.




4. Set the Quality to 1080p


NOTE: YouTube will automatically detect the best resolution based on your connection speed.



Alternatively, if you are unable to obtain the 1080p resolution on your YouTube videos through the Chromium browser, you may use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. To sideload a different browser, please make sure to obtain the APK file and follow the guide below to install the application.


How to install custom apps in the Android module for IFP50 series displays


In case you are experiencing constant buffering while at 1080p, there may be other factors that can be affecting your video experience, such as:


  • Amount of users on the network
  • Connection to YouTube servers
  • Insufficient bandwidth