Due to iOS14 compatibility issues please follow instructions, depending on your model, to address the issue. 



1. M2, X10-4K, X100-4K 

Please download Eairplay.apk and follow SOP.pdf Instruction to install it on your projector. 


2. M1+-2

Update your projector to FW version 1.03 or later according to this FAQ. 

Link> How do I update M1+_G2/M1+_V to FW ver. 1.04? 


3.M1 mini plus  

Update your projector to FW version 1.02 or later via OTA after connecting your projector to the internet. 

Note: This applies to M1 mini plus, M1 mini plus-2, M2, X10-4K, X10-4KE, X100-4K, X100-4K+, and M1+-2


Note: Some streaming apps will not display content when using screen mirroring due to copyright laws.