ONLY Applies for M1+-2 (SN prefix: W5Y) units with firmware version 1.03 or earlier.  Units with firmware 1.04 and later will update via OTA process

1.Please connect your M1+-2 to the Internet, then you will see this “Firmware Upgrade” message pop up.



2.Please choose “Cancel” and press “OK” button on your remote control to cancel it.



3. Go to AppsCenter then enter Aptoide, use your remote control down direction button to scroll down to “System”, you will find a ”M1+ OTA tool” program icon. Press “OK” on remote control 2 times to enter it.


4. Select “Install”, press OK button on remote control to install it. 


5. After installed, please select “OPEN” and press OK button on remote control to open the program.



6. OTA program will automatically start to update the FW. Please do not turn off the power during the process.



7. After update progress finishes, there would be around 5 minutes without image on the screen, please wait until you see home screen appears.


8.Please enter Aptoide again and select M1+ OTA tool icon.




9. Use your remote control, hold and long press “OK” button for 3 sec. it will pop up uninstall message. Please select and press “OK” to uninstall it. You will see a message “uninstall finished”.