Applies to:

ViewBoard IFP52-1A/1B Series

Hardware Required:

USB Flash Drive (FAT32 formatted)  How to format a USB Drive to FAT32


Download firmware pack

1.  Proceed to the Download section of the device's product page to download the firmware file.

ViewSonic IFP6552-1A, 65” ViewBoard® 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel

ViewSonic IFP7552-1A, 75” ViewBoard® 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel

ViewSonic IFP8652-1A, 86” ViewBoard® 4K Ultra HD Interactive Flat Panel


2.  Extract the update file,, and copy the file to the root directory of the USB flash drive

3.  Insert the USB drive into the USB port located on the side of the ViewBoard

4.  Go to Settings > System > System Update.

5.  Under Local Update, click BROWSE

6.  Select the USB flash drive

7.  Select the firmware file to start the update process

Wait for the upgrade to complete and ViewBoard to reboot.

Update will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT: Do not power off device during update as it may result in a non-functioning unit 


If you receive the following message, ViewBoard's firmware matches or is newer than the firmware being installed.


8.  Once the unit reboot and returns to the ViewSonic Home screen, verify the unit's firmware version in the About Device. Go to Settings > System > About Device

For additional assistance or questions click on the New Support Ticket button above to submit a support ticket with ViewSonic Technical Support