Chromium and Browser are limited or lite versions of web browsers. They will have some feature limitations and there may be some websites they will not be able to render or load properly.  

It is recommended that a more robust browser be loaded on the unit. Any third party browser of your choosing can be installed from a trusted source. 

An .apk file of the browser must be downloaded and installed on the unit.*  

A link to Firefox is listed below for convenience. 

Once an .apk file has been downloaded and scanned you can follow the instructions on the link below to load it onto the IFP display.  

How to install custom apps in the Android module for IFP50 series displays 

Firefox download link

* Note: An .apk file is a packaged install file like a .msi file for Windows or .dmg file for Mac.

Customers using myViewboard Manager can push it from the myViewboard Manager app library.