Affected Device(s):

  • IFP50-3 Series ViewBoards


  • Touch limited to single touch


Endpoint security applications, such as CrowdStrike Falcon,  may block the installation of required Touch drivers



The IFP50-3 model requires the installation three (3) HID-Compliant touch screen drivers as seen in the image below of the Device Manager of a Windows system.  It has been seen that with Endpoint Security CrowdStrike Falcon enabled, only two (2) HID-complaint touch screen drivers install during the PC boot up, resulting in only single-touch functionality.

To verify if your Endpoint security is blocking the third required driver you may do the following:

Boot your PC into Safe Mode

Booting in Safe mode, the PC will load the minimal amount of drivers and Services.  Since security services are not loaded in this mode, touch functionality should function as expected.

How to start your Windows PC in Safe Mode

Disabling Endpoint Security

If you are using CrowdStrike Falcon, and have access and modify Services; locate CrowdStrike Falcon service  and disable the service and reboot. With the Service disabled, verify in Device Manager that all 3 required HID drivers are loaded



A manual workaround is to remove and reload the Touch Device.

This workaround will have to be repeated each time the PC is rebooted.

A mouse and/or keyboard will be required as touch will become inoperable once the Touch device is removed.

  1. Go into Bluetooth & Other Devices
  2. Locate Touch Device FS
  3. Click on Remove Device
  4. Go into Device Manager and select the Scan for hardware changes

After re-scanning for new hardware the 3 HID-compliant touch screen will now appear.  Multi-touch should now be functioning.  

For a permanent solution, your company’s IT department will need to contact your Endpoint security provider to allow the installation of all 3 required HID drivers.

Reference for CrowdStrike