• Audio can be heard on PC and ViewBoard.
  • When selecting Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) as the output device no audio on ViewBoard

When installing the latest version v.3.3.1218 of vCastSender the Eshare Audio Card program is not updating to v1.0.1

This can be verified in Apps & Features section 

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  • EndPoint Protection Application like Cylance or CrowdStrike is blocking the program that installs/update the program from running.

  1. Go to the directory where vCastSender is installed. By default C:\Program Files (x86)\ViewSonic\vCastSender
  2. Run VirtualAudioCable.exe file
Once the EShare Audio Card app is updated to 1.0.1, selecting Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable) as the audio output device will play audio only on the ViewBoard.