The ViewBoard uses the pre-installed Browser application by default, when logging into Google from WhiteBoard or binding Cloud Drives in the Folders application.  Google is unable to verify the browser properly, which results in an error. To address this issue, modify the Browser App's settings.


Error 403: disallowed _useragent error message when attempting to connect to a Google account.


  1.  Open the Browser App
  2. Go to Settings

  3. Select Advanced

  4. Select Switch User agent
  5. Select iPhone, sounds odd but we've found that this user agent seems to work. The User Agent is the device profile the browser will identify itself as to the webpage.

  6. Close the Browser and attempt to add the Cloud Drive in Folders

We have discovered that the iPhone option works best when trying to bind Cloud drives to the Folders application.  Due to changing requirements with Google authentication, this solution may not be supported in the future.