Affected Software

vCastReceiver for Android

Issue Description

When vCastReceiver is launched the following message appears.

Devices attempting to connect through vCastSender may receive the following message.


The vCastReceiver application is not properly validating its activation status with the vCast Activation servers.


Locate the Ethernet MAC address (NOT WIFI MAC Address or WOL MAC Address) of the ViewSonic display and submit a support ticket to ViewSonic Technical Support.  

The location of the Ethernet MAC address may vary from product to product


  1. Select Settings from the list of app
  2. Select Network and Internet > Ethernet

Commercial Displays

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control to bring up the on-screen menu (OSD).
  2. Use the arrow keys on the remote control to navigate to Settings 
  3. Select Network > Ethernet

The MAC address will be listed as "MAC address", "Physical Address", or "Ethernet Address"

MAC address Label

A label with the MAC Address may also be on the left or right side of the device next to the serial number label.

If the unit was recently serviced, provide the MAC address from the unit's Settings.

Click on New Support Ticket from the option above and provide both, the Ethernet MAC address and unit Serial Number to the ViewSonic Support team.