Applies to:
ViewBoard IFP50-3 Series, ViewBoard IFP50-5 Series, ViewBoard IFP52-1C Series, ViewBoard IFP52-1A/1B Series, ViewBoard IFP4320

ViewBoard is a smart interactive display that allows you to collaborate, communicate and create with ease. To ensure the optimal performance and security of your ViewBoard, it is important to keep its firmware up to date. Firmware is the software that controls the hardware functions of your ViewBoard, such as touch, audio, video, and network. In this guide, we will show you how to update your ViewBoard firmware in a few simple steps.

Here are 3 ways to upgrade the software of the ViewSonic Viewboard

- Over-the-Air (OTA) Update

- Remote OTA Update via Manager

- Manual Update via USB

Over-the-Air (OTA) Update

Built into the ViewSonic ViewBoards is an Auto Update option.  When the ViewBoard is connected to the internet and meets the ViewSonic Network Requirement, the device will check for available firmware updates prior to each shutdown.   If an update is available a prompt will appear to proceed with the update.

To manually schedule or initiate the checking for an update go to Settings > System > System Update


Auto UpdateEnable/Disable automatic checking for available firmware. 
Set ScheduleAllow specific Day/Time to check for available firmware.
Check NowInitiates a check for available firmware updates.
BrowseAllows the manual update with the firmware pack files.

Remote OTA Update via Manager

ViewSonic's myViewBoard Manager service is available to Entity Enrolled customers. To learn more about Manager follow this link,

  1. Log into the as an Entity Admin user
  2. Select myViewBoard Manager 
  3. Under All Devices select the device(s) to be updated
  4. In the Remote Control pane, select Update Firmware
  5. Select Update now to initiate the update

Manual Update via USB

To manually update the ViewBoard firmware via USB follow the link below

IFP50-3 Series

Firmware Pack Installation instructions for ViewBoard IFP50 Gen3

IFP50-5 Series

Firmware Pack Installation instructions for ViewBoard IFP50 Gen5

IFP52-1C Series

Firmware Pack installation instructions for IFP52-1C Series

IFP52-1A/1B Series
Firmware Pack installation instructions for IFP52-1A/1B series

IFP52-1A/1B Series 

Firmware Flash Instructions IFP4320

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